RiFF RaFF – Tonka Toy Freestyle (Balloween Album) letras

[Lord Fauntleroy?] in the Tonka Toy
Rumor has it I’m 50K wrist Almond Joy
Aquaberry diamonds with the white dots
Banana berries in my ears look like lemon drops
Locked down driving backwards like a train
Forest green looks like Loch Ness knees
Oops rewind to the color of the Zelda trees
Talking bout the color Sally Struthers Gucci jean
I could cop Prada shoes in preschool
I draped my nephew before curfew
Ball for the Jets, ball for the Mets
Sun dye orange dimaond look like sunset
Caramel toffee shoot jumper like Garnett
White Keith Sweat, peach Corvette
The hardest you done seen, hardest you done heard
What’s the word, I vallet parked the mocking bird
Damn near the frost bite
Plumb porch lights, ackers on delight
Some say I’m from Katy, you probably right
All I know I was shaking boys
I was driving candy toys
I broke my rim with Big Pit
[?] after dark
I press a button and the Bentley park itself
I got Versace on belt
I ball by myself, I don’t need no help
I’m Tony Delk with the left hand
I chop blocks in Pakistan, I’m in Ireland
Deceased candy yam, RiFF