Deep In Virtual Earth – Something Like A Human lyrics

[verse 1]
“Hey there,you wanna live the world through my eyes?
Full of misery,anxiety,and “love” of lies.
I’ll paint it all out,and let you live it.
So watch out,your heart,and your anxiety,they just collide.
Scary,flash backs,just don’t stay gone that long will they?
So you say everyone has abandoned you?”

/so open your mind,and out live the grim.
I’ll stop and say these words to you/…

You deserve more than such a life.
You deserve someone who’ll treat you right.
You deserve a true friend who’s by your side.
You wanna find that person,cause you don’t feel so human.

[verse 2]
Settle down,settle down,dont say you’ll kill yourself.
Cause you will not become,what you challenge daily in your hell.
Beyond the happiness,craziness,and all those up and down times.
When trouble’s on its way I know you’ll be alright..
Let’s face our lonely days and brokenness.
Tonight I won’t let you forget what it feels like of happiness.

/when no one shows you any love,
You trip right back into your cope.
You stopped and said these words to yourself/.

[chorus 2]
I deserve more than such a life.
I deserve someone who’ll treat me right.
I deserve a true friend who’s by my side.
I cant find that person,to love me as myself.

[verse 3]
“Now why’d you get scared and run away?
Was it my life,that too much to handle?
You’re not feeling what im feeling.
Lately I’ve been caught in all my emotions.
It makes me want to drown myself inside of an ocean.
So did i let you down? did i let you down now?
Is it why you haven’t been around?”

“am i too much? Is it too much?
No one sticks around long enough.
Cause I hope that you still want to know me”.

[chorus 3]
And they’ll say:
“you deserve more than such a life.
If I’m that someone who’ll treat you right.
You have a true friend who’ll stay by your side.
I dont want anyone else,i want you cause you’re perfect to me”.

We deserve more than such a beautiful life.
I know I’ll find that person who’ll treat me right.
You’ll finally find a true friend who’s by your side.
I know you’ll find that person,they’ll love you with everything.
Everything of you.

You will always be human to me

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