Kazakh Minister Linked Russophobia Accusations to Virtual Garbage

Minister of Information of Kazakhstan Umarov said he understands accusations of Russophobia “Kazakh minister linked accusations of Russophobia with virtual garbage” />

Askar Umarov

The new Minister of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan Askar Umarov, in response to accusations of Russophobia by Russian officials, said that his emotional attacks on social networks have long been exhausted. He spoke about this in an interview with Sputnik Kazakhstan.

“The accusations and conclusions based on emotional and incorrect skirmishes in social networks more than a decade ago are understandable, but exhausted. This virtual garbage has long since decayed,— he said.

The Minister also stressed that he has great respect for Russia, its traditions, history, literature, as well as “the common historical centuries-old ties between our peoples.” “Our countries are primarily linked by strong friendship, mutual respect and strategic cooperation. Russia is rightfully the closest partner of Kazakhstan»,— he added.

When asked about the attitude to the Great Patriotic War, Umarov pointed out that this was the bloodiest war in the history of mankind and it “a priori could not be someone else's.”


Earlier, on January 12, the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Yevgeny Primakov, said that the department would not interact with the Ministry of Information of Kazakhstan because of the Russophobic statements of its new head. Primakov cited several phrases attributed to Umarov. In them, Russians are called “imposed diaspora”; and “colonizers”, and also refers to the “incomprehensible Victory Day”.

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