The son of the British Queen Prince Andrew was deprived of titles and military ranks

The Duke of York fell out of favor over allegations of sexual abuse of a minor

Trouble continues to haunt the son of the British Queen Elizabeth II – Prince Andrew, accused of sexual abuse of a minor, is forced to resign military titles and royal duties of patronage.

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“With the consent and approval of the Queen, the Duke of York is resigning his military titles and royal guardianship,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. Prince Andrew is also losing his right to bear the title of “His Royal Highness”, according to the BBC, citing sources.

Royal Sky News commentator Alastair Bruce says the Palace's current announcement serves as “a clear statement from the Queen that the Duke of York will not be taking part in any royal events at this time”, especially as her platinum 70th birthday approaches. anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II to the British throne: “It will be a very difficult task for the queen, because she is not only a monarch, but also a mother.”

This decision was made after the prince's lawyers failed to convince the American court to drop a civil case of sexual abuse, in which the American Virginia Giuffre accuses the Duke of York.

According to Sky News, among the military titles that Prince Andrew is being deprived of , appear as follows: Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, Royal Colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Chief of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment, Deputy Honorary Commander of the Royal Lancers, Honorary Commander of the School of Small Arms Corps, Chief of the Royal Irish Regiment, Chief of the Royal Rangers of York, etc. .

Prince Andrew himself still denies all accusations against him and claims that he does not know this woman. On Thursday evening, a source close to Prince Andrew said that he “will continue to defend himself” against Giuffre's accusations. face,” Buckingham Palace said.

Some time ago, the British media reported that the court was discussing how to protect the reputation of the monarchy in general and the Queen in particular in the event of the loss of the Duke of York in court. “He cannot be forced to retire like a normal person, but he can be asked to give up his title for a while,” said a source quoted by the Times.

Earlier, Buckingham Palace reported that after Andrew’s temporary refusal to perform official duties of a member of the royal family (this happened in 2019), he will also not participate in events related to the army.

According to the press, if the outcome of the case was unfavorable for the prince, he could be sent to some kind of “internal exile”, since Andrew cannot go abroad due to the risk of extradition.

Recall that at the beginning of 2019 there were six women testified against the famous American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. In July of the same year, the financier was arrested in the United States on charges of selling people into sexual slavery, sex with minors, and bribing potential witnesses.

The arrested Epstein faced up to 45 years in prison, but on August 10, 2019, the financier was found dead in his cell. Most recently, in December 2021, an American court found Epstein's girlfriend, “socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell, guilty of child molestation and a number of other crimes.

Shortly after Epstein's death, Virginia Giuffre (formerly known as Virginia Roberts), who testified against the financier, said that in the early 2000s, Prince Andrew was a frequent participant in intimate parties hosted by the American billionaire, and she personally had sex with the son of the British queen three times. , although she was only 17 years old at that time.

Although in her early testimony, Virginia Giuffre claimed that the prince’s behavior was ordinary (“He was not rude, nothing like that, he just said “thank you” and what such nice words and left”), then she later stated that she had been sexually abused by Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew himself in 2019, Prince Andrew, in an interview with the BBC Newsnight program, said, that he does not remember ever meeting Virginia Giuffre at the time she speaks of. His lawyers also insisted that under a 2009 court agreement, Giuffre, who received compensation from Jeffrey Epstein, pledged not to sue anyone in the case related to the billionaire.

In October last year, reminds the BBC -si, the London police announced the termination of the investigation against Prince Andrew, ruling that no further action would be taken against him.


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